About Our Fur Babies

Our Purpose by Lincoln, Lydia, Max and McKenzie

Everyone always asks our handlers, “What do they do?” Well here is our story:
We get to be friends with everyone. Whoever we meet, we love. No questions asked. No judging. No faking it. We just love everyone. We don’t care what your story is, but we want to hear it. We don’t care what you are wearing, but we will definitely get our hair all over it. We don’t care if you cry and put tears all over us. We want you to tell us whatever you want. We don’t repeat anything, so everything is safe and sound. We don’t judge, we just want to be your friend for life.
We know that the place where we work is kind of scary at first, so we make you feel welcome. We know that everyone is looking at you and you are not trusting. You can always trust us. We know that telling your story is not what you want to give to complete strangers. Don’t worry, we have your back. We know that sometimes the questions are not nice. You don’t have to be afraid of anything as long as we are here. We want to make sure you are okay and we want you to know that someone is in your corner.
Once you are done at our office, sometimes we have to go to the big courtrooms with lots of people. That’s okay though, we know we have friends there too. You will be there but we will be here to and do the courtroom thing together. Lots of people looking at you, don’t worry, you will have my leash to help you through that. I will be at your feet the whole time. Once you are done with your story, we can go throw a ball or play for a little bit. You are so strong to tell your story. We did it together. Now we are friends for life. Always know that even when you are done with your story with our office and the court, our story will never be done. We are forever friends. I have you in my heart forever. I hope that you remember our purpose: It’s to help you through the hard times of telling your story over and over again.

Written By Gina Y. 
Dictated By Lincoln, Lydia, Max and McKenzie


He was born on 6/22/12 and is a yellow lab who works in Chaves County.  He has a playful personality and wants to make everyone one around him happy.   He’s always ready to make you laugh and forget your bad day. He is a very lovable boy.



DA Court Facility Dogs



She was born on 11/19/11and is also a black lab who works in Eddy County.  She loves to sit in your lap or at your side to make sure you feel her love and affection.  She’s always there to make things better.  And she will always be there to let you rub her belly.

She was born on 6/22/12 and is the sister to Max.  She is from the Lea County Office.  She also wants to make sure that you are feeling her love and will do anything requested of her.  She likes to snuggle and make your day.

He was born on 4/1/09 and is a black lab.  He is from the Chaves County Office and is the first to greet you when you come in.  He makes sure you are smiling and comfortable when you visit.  He also loves to put his head in your lap to let you know that he is there for you.

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